Message From CEO

Why We Created A Better Alternative: Our Mission and Vision.

As CEO, I lead a team deeply committed to creating healthier alternatives to traditional smoking.

Our journey began with a realization: millions are entangled in the harmful cycle of smoking, their quit attempts often ending in disappointment. We wanted to offer a different, less harmful path that still respects individual autonomy.

From this vision, our closed vape e-cigarette was born, designed on the pillars of harm reduction and enhanced user experience. We've leveraged advanced technology to ensure our product is significantly safer than conventional cigarettes. Our device's closed nature assures only our carefully-formulated e-liquids are used, guaranteeing quality and safety in each puff.

We've also focused on the sensory experience, with careful design ensuring the transition from traditional smoking is smooth and satisfying. Our goal isn't to promote nicotine use, but to provide a considerably safer alternative for those already dependent. In essence, our brand is about driving change: in perceptions, in habits, and in lives.

We're committed to continually innovating and supporting you on your journey towards a healthier future. Thank you for trusting us and choosing a safer path, and for being part of our mission to revolutionize nicotine consumption.
Yours sincerely,

Steve L. Thompson

KUIT devices and pods are featured with the latest FEELM tech which has been proved over the years that the technology is superior to any other eliquid heating method. KUIT device and Pods are made with the newest iteration of FEELM Tech that is even superior to some of the mainstream market leaders in closed pod systems.

KUIT vs Other Market Leaders Comparison.


FEELM pods produce better vapor production with the best nicotine absorption as the particles are small enough to be better absorbed by your lungs.

For the reason of great taste produced by an FEELM Pod and good nicotine absorption FEELM pods have the No.1 success for smokers to quit and shift to a better healthier alternative.

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